An Emergency Dentist Winnipeg Can Help With Any Dental Issue

An emergency dentist winnipeg will be able to help you with any dental issue that needs immediate attention. Whether it is a chipped tooth, lost filling, broken dental work or an accident that results in dental trauma, getting immediate care is vital to avoid permanent damage to the affected area and minimize the risk of complications associated with your oral health issue.

What is an Emergency?

A winnipeg emergency dental is any issue that requires immediate attention to stop bleeding, reduce pain and save the tooth from extraction. It can also include severe infections that are life-threatening.

Trauma-related emergencies are often due to accidents such as motor vehicle collisions, falls or sports injuries. These types of trauma can be extremely painful and result in dental fractures and breakage.

What to Expect When Visiting an Emergency Dentist in Winnipeg

If the tooth was still in its socket when it fell out, then you should place it back into your mouth if you have clean hands and a safe space in your home. If not, put it in a cup of water or milk for protection until you can see our emergency dentist.

What to Do if Your Crown Feels Loose or Fallout

A crown can come loose or fall out because it becomes damaged and decayed underneath the crown. If this happens, call our emergency dentist in Winnipeg and schedule an appointment to have the crown replaced as soon as possible.

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