Automotive Marketing Challenges

Automotive marketing has a unique set of challenges that must be tackled differently than traditional marketing. With a number of different segments in this industry — car dealerships, third-party dealers and large car brands — all having their own needs, it’s important to approach your campaigns with a fresh eye.

What are the main types of marketing?

Participation Branding – The need for genuine narratives that showcase how real people interact with your products and services

Consumers have a strong tendency to trust brands that feature authentic customer experiences and genuine product offerings. As a result, automotive marketing strategies must embed this notion at the heart of their storytelling to be truly effective in attracting new prospects.

Limited-Time Offers – A great way to attract millennials and aspiring car buyers is to offer fresh, exciting incentives that aren’t found elsewhere. For example, a $1,000 deal for college graduates who are ready to buy their first car can be an effective and compelling offer.

Reputable Auto Review Sites – Online reviews are one of the most valuable forms of feedback an automotive marketer can have. Unlike the old-fashioned recommendations of friends and family, reviews on auto dealership review sites can reach thousands of consumers simultaneously.

Integrated Data Platforms – Automotive marketers need to combine all their data streams into one place so they can understand their customers’ preferences and needs better. This allows them to build marketing campaigns that reach their customers at the exact right time with personalized messages about car maintenance, test drives, price reductions and vehicle trade-in offers.

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