Choosing Large Industrial Wheels

Large Industrial Wheels

Large industrial wheels come in a variety of sizes, with different features and fastening types. These casters are used for moving heavy loads of equipment, tools, and material in all kinds of industries and applications.

Choosing the Right Caster for your Application

A good caster should provide good ergonomics to reduce human strain and improve efficiency, but every application has its own sweet spot. This is because push/pull forces can vary based on the load being moved, the materials used to make the wheel, the length of the swivel lead, and the bearings.

The size of the wheel is a critical factor. Larger wheels are easier to roll and handle heavier loads than smaller ones. They also don’t create depressions in a soft surface, like carpeted floors, which can cause the wheel to roll into the floor.

Choosing the Right Large Industrial Wheels for Your Equipment: Factors to Consider

These solid rubber tires are molded onto steel, iron, aluminum or plastic centers and provide rugged, long-wearing wheels that are often found on industrial equipment. They resist corrosive liquids, grease, and commonly used acids or solvents, are non-marking and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Non-marking polyurethane wheels are durable, abrasion-resistant, and have superior resistance to oils and chemicals. They protect the floor, absorb shock, reduce noise and vibration, and can be rolled over small objects.

They’re not easy to roll when loaded to their full rated capacity, but they are easy to maneuver in manual applications on smooth, flat floors.

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