Fire Department Flags Collection

Fire Department Flags Collection

For a long time, American and fire company flags have graced the firehouses of New York City. But these symbols of honor and loyalty have also caused controversy at times. Just this year, a fire commissioner ordered an upstate New York fire department to remove the American flags that flew on its firetrucks. The commissioners said the flags were a hindrance to firefighters fighting fires.URL:

The commissioners were responding to complaints from the public who objected to the display, and the decision prompted outrage. Ultimately, they reversed the ban. But some FDNY members still say the commissioners’ directive was inappropriate, especially during the height of anti-cop Black Lives Matter protests.

Bravery and Service: Fire Department Flags Collection

Aside from the American flag, firefighters often use other flags to represent their organization and the services they provide. One of these is the Maltese cross, a symbol that symbolizes firemen’s commitment to sacrifice themselves for their fellow citizens. The emblem is often displayed on firefighter flags, but it can also be found on their uniforms and fire trucks.

There are many different styles of fireman flags available on Flagwix. These flags come in different sizes and construction methods, but most are made from a durable nylon material. Some are constructed by hand sewn applique, while others are digitally printed on a nylon material. They are a great way to identify your organization and show pride in your work. Some are even used for memorial events to remember and honor the fallen.

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