How to Hire a Collection Agency

hire a collection agency

Hiring a collection agency wat gebeurt er als je incasso niet betaald is a cost-effective way to ensure you get paid on your invoices and improve cash flow. Generally, an agency operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay them when they collect. However, it’s important to try and work out payment terms with customers before contacting a collection agency. A clear invoice payment schedule with clearly stated payments due dates and consequences for late payments is a good first step.

Maximizing Recoveries: How a Collection Agency Boosts Your Bottom Line

It’s also a good idea to reach out to a collection agency if your customers have not made a payment in 30 days or more. An experienced agency will know how to approach nonpaying clients and may be able to settle the debt for less than what you are owed. In addition, an agency will have databases to track nonpaying clients and can use a variety of methods to contact them (written notices, phone calls, even in-person visits) to collect the money you are owed.

A debt collection agency will charge you a percentage of the debt they are able to recover for you, so it’s important to consider this factor before choosing an agency. You should also look for an agency that specializes in your industry to help improve your chances of success. It’s also important to remember that a low contingency fee usually means the collection agency is cutting corners somewhere else to make up for it. This could reflect negatively on your company’s reputation, so it is important to choose an agency with a proven track record of performance and results.

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