Sadie Sink – Rising Star in the Theater Industry

Sadie Sink is a young actress who has already proven herself in a number of roles. Before gaining national recognition in Stranger Things, Sink appeared on stage in several regional productions. She has also starred in TUTS and the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Her role in the hit musical White Christmas (2011) opened the doors to other roles.

You Have to See 11-Year-Old Sadie Sink as Annie on Broadway

After her breakthrough role as Annie in the 2013 Broadway musical “Annie,” sadie sink annie has made a name for herself as a rising star in the theater industry. She was first cast as a stand-by for the original cast and soon became the alternating lead for a few months. Her role as Annie was one of her most memorable performances to date. She also appeared in the hit show The Audience, where she played Young Elizabeth.

Sadie Sink turned 20 this April. She recently stepped out in a summer dress in New York City. She was also a guest on the Today Show, where she discussed the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Although her current show has a lot of attention, her previous roles have garnered her praise as well. In addition to playing Annie on Broadway, the young actress starred in Chuck, Philippe Falardeau’s biographical sports drama.

Sadie Sink was one of the youngest cast members of the musical. She was just eleven years old when she portrayed Annie. The show is now in its 45th year, and there are multiple stage and movie adaptations. Sadie Sink sings songs such as “Tomorrow,” “Hard Knock Life,” and “Tomorrow” on stage. As a child, Sadie Sink has also appeared in several regional productions.

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