Short Mindfulness Exercises

Incorporating mindfulness into daily routines can be an effective way to ingrain the practice. Whether brushing teeth, flossing or petting the dog, focusing on each action and giving it your full attention can help cultivate mindfulness in the moment. This technique is called “informal meditation” and can be particularly helpful to those who have difficulty sitting down for a full mindful meditation.

The raisin short mindfulness exercises is one example of an informal mindfulness exercise. It involves holding an object (such as a raisin) in your hand and paying close attention to the details of it, such as its color, shape, weight, and texture. It can be challenging to not let thoughts pop into your mind, but allowing these thoughts to come and go without judgment is an important aspect of this exercise.

Moments of Mindfulness: Short Exercises for Daily Practice

Another short mindfulness exercise is to focus on your breath for a minute. This simple activity helps calm the nervous system and promotes a sense of grounding. Counting your breaths can also be used in conjunction with other exercises such as the dragon breathing exercise, which uses a four-count to guide deep, rhythmic breathing.

This mindfulness exercise can be done in any environment. The client simply chooses a natural object from their environment and pays close attention to it for a minute. This could be as simple as watching the clouds float by in the sky, or it can be more complex, such as noticing the way a tree sways in the wind. This is a great mindfulness exercise for when you are out and about or have limited time to complete more formal mindfulness practices.

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