The Best NMR and NR Supplement

NAD+ is the molecule that enables sirtuins and PARP enzymes to work, which are important for DNA repair, mitochondrial functioning, and maintaining the epigenome. Research shows that NR or NMN supplements help boost blood levels of NAD+, and lead to anti-aging benefits in humans and animals.

Who is the founder of NMN?

nmn and nr supplement are chemically identical, but NMN has an extra phosphate group that must be removed before it can enter the cells to become NAD+. Consuming NR skips this step, and allows it to directly enter the cell as NAD+.

High blood NAD+ has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in human studies, as well as animal models. It also appears to promote muscle strength and endurance. It may protect against cancer, due to its role in cellular metabolism and DNA protection. It also appears to adjust the internal clock, potentially helping with jet lag and other circadian rhythm disorders.

One study found that oral NMN supplementation (1,000mg per day for 30 days) significantly increased whole-blood NAD+ levels and improved neurometabolic patterns in the brain. This was without any adverse effects.

Another study randomized 42 participants to receive either a placebo or NMN supplement for 12 weeks. This study found that NMN increased NAD+ in the blood and was associated with improvements in muscle function, bone density, vision, and weight.

The best nmn and nr supplement is formulated in liposomes, which helps ensure it is not destroyed by stomach acid, and that it gets into the cells as quickly as possible. Wonderfeel Youngr NMN is an excellent option, providing 900mg of nmn per two capsules daily.

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