Vape Detector Cost – How Schools Are Using Settlement Money to Install Vape Detectors in Their Classrooms

vape detector cost

Vape detectors have become a valuable tool for schools and other organizations looking to create a safer, healthier environment for their students. However, the upfront cost of vape detectors can be an obstacle for many schools that are trying to find ways to implement this technology.

A vape detector cost  is a device that uses sophisticated sensors to detect and identify the presence of harmful chemicals associated with vaping. Unlike traditional smoke detectors, vape detection systems don’t record video or audio, but rather send silent alerts to the designated administrators, security staff, or teachers. The sensors will not only alert staff to the presence of harmful chemicals, but can also provide a detailed report that provides analytics for further investigation.

Understanding the Cost of Vape Detectors: Factors That Influence Pricing

Several schools have already begun using vape detectors to combat underage vaping and monitor air quality in impenetrable areas like bathrooms and locker rooms. Some of these schools have used settlement money to install the devices. In other cases, parent-teacher organizations or local businesses have coordinated fundraising efforts to help pay for the equipment.

One school that has embraced the use of vape detectors is Billings West High School, which plans to install them in all its schools. The district will use a recent settlement to pay for the detectors, which it will install in areas such as bathrooms and other problem hotspots. Principal Kelly Hornby says the school has seen an influx of vaping among its students. It will also enforce consequences such as a day in truancy centers for any student who is caught using a vape on campus.

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