Antique Auctions in Georgia

antique auctions in Georgia

Whether you’re looking for an antique auctions in Georgia vase or just another piece of home decor, Georgia is home to many antique auctions. One of the most famous is Gallery 63 in Atlanta. Its team of experts appraises everything from a softball-sized meteorite to a vampire-killing kit from the 19th century. They also auction a hand cannon and a 19th-century church bell.

Paul Brown – Owner

Paul is the owner of Gallery 63 and a second-generation auction house owner. He initially didn’t want to pursue the business, but changed his mind after working at a car wash. He now lives in an old auction house with his wife, Cindy, and their son, Elijah.

The Allure of Americana Auctions: Exploring the Rich History and Iconic Collectibles”

Greg from Greg’s Vintage Guitars Atlanta is a frequent guest on the show, providing expert advice and appraisals on new and vintage stringed instruments. He’s also helped the staff at Gallery 63 with a few repairs, including on a rare Wurlitzer band organ.

Other regulars at the auction include Steve and Ernie Garrett, who buy items on their road trip and then sell them to the Gallery 63 team. They debuted in season 3. Dr. Lori – An appraiser who has a Ph.D. in art history, she evaluates items for the Gallery 63 staff. She made her debut in season 3.

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