Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom design ideas

Modern bathroom design ideas offer everything from statement mirrors and sculptural tubs to sleek fixtures, floating vanity cabinets, and natural elements. A monochromatic color palette is one way to keep the look sophisticated, while quartz and marble are luxury materials that can elevate your space. If you’re going for a more eclectic style, try introducing a few bold colors with accessories and art or adding decorative details like wooden benches and plants.

If your bathroom is small, consider creating zones by delineating the different areas using tiles and other features. This helps the space feel bigger, and it’s also a great idea for smaller bathrooms that may not have enough room for both bathtubs and showers. In this bathroom designed by Lauren Lerner of Living with Lolo, a decorative wall partially conceals her and his closets on either side of the soaking tub. A patterned wall in the shower creates an interesting contrast to the calming green starburst hexagon tiles on the floor and the marble walls, while wood details in the cabinet and plants give the space a natural atmosphere.

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For a quick and inexpensive makeover, you can add a pop of color with an easy bathroom paint project. Choosing a lighter shade will help the space feel larger, while a darker hue can give your bathroom a warm and cozy feel. If you choose a bold color, consider painting the ceiling as well for an added wow factor that will draw the eye upwards. Incorporating a metallic finish is another bathroom trend that’s here to stay, so consider switching out your chrome fixtures for rose-gold or gold finishes.

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