Bluetti AC300 Solar Generator Review

bluetti ac300 solar generator

The bluetti ac300 power station solar generator is a surprisingly versatile portable power station that’s designed to go anywhere and provide reliable, consistent power. It’s modular and expandable, letting you plug multiple battery packs into it depending on your electricity needs.

It can charge with either AC or DC from a power outlet. The charger is also programmable, allowing you to set it up for different wall charging speeds, ranging from 15a for a normal house outlet to 30a for high-speeds.

The ac300 has some of the best charging rates in its class, able to input up to 2,400w from solar panels into the charger and getting full charges in under an hour. It’s also compatible with standard MC4 solar connections, meaning you can use any of your own solar panels to power it up.

The AC300 Bluetti vs Competitors: A Comprehensive Comparison

Another great feature of the ac300 is that it has a surge rate of 6000W, which should be enough to handle some power tools without overloading it. This is very useful for those who like to work with power tools outdoors, and can be useful if you have a lot of things running at once.

The ac300 is available in several configurations, from the entry-level EB3A, which has a LifePO4 battery that’s rated to last four times longer than lithium-ion batteries, to the top-of-the-line AC200P that boasts up to 8,192Wh of energy storage. The ac300 also comes with two B300 battery modules, which can be added to increase its total capacity.

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