Buying CBD Products Online

CBD Products Online

Almost a decade after it emerged as a wellness trend, the non-psychoactive ingredient known as cannabidiol (CBD) is incorporated into drink mixes, skin salves and bath bombs. As such, the substance has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it’s important to understand how much you’re consuming and its potential effects on your health.This link

The market for CBD is largely unregulated, and it’s possible to buy products that contain ingredients you weren’t expecting. In a 2020 study, for example, researchers found that a number of CBD products on the market had illegal levels of THC — enough to get you high — or were improperly marketed with therapeutic claims. FDA warns that consumers should be aware of the risks of unregulated CBD products and always check a product’s label and third-party lab results.

CBD and Politics: Advocacy and Activism for Online Products

It’s also important to consider how your CBD consumption may impact any other medications you take. “CBD can interact with certain drugs, such as blood-thinning medicines and acetaminophen, increasing the blood levels of those substances,” says Tory Spindle, PhD, a cannabis researcher and associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore.

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize those risks. To start, look for a reputable brand that invests in third-party lab testing and transparent marketing, like Alchemy Naturals, which puts its lab results online for easy viewing. And when you start a new CBD regimen, it’s best to begin with a small dose and slowly increase your dosage to find the right balance for you.

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