Health Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk Outside of the Office

benefits of sit stand desk

The benefits of sit stand desk are numerous. Among them are lower sedentary behavior, improved mental concentration, and productivity. Additionally, most employees reported increased levels of energy and increased levels of work engagement. But these are not the only benefits of a sit stand desk. Some research has also found increased health and productivity benefits outside of the office. Here are some of them. Read on to discover more! : Health Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

What Should You Do For Fast Health Benefits Of A Sit Stand Desk Outside Of The Office?

Standing for long periods of time is not healthy for your body and can have negative health effects. Using a sit stand desk can break that cycle. Employees who are not inclined to take breaks or stand for long periods of time may experience increased stress and pain. Some studies have even suggested that standing for an hour can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Besides these health benefits, standing throughout the day can improve posture and improve blood flow, which in turn improves brain function. This in turn can improve competitiveness. Besides these benefits, people who use a sit stand desk are more engaged at work, which is a major advantage in today’s competitive business world.

The researchers conducted an experiment at an organisation. They invited staff to participate in the study by addressing an all-staff meeting. They were aware of the health benefits of standing, but they did not convey them to staff. The researchers collected data from 31 staff members and notified those who did not respond. The researchers asked participants to complete a consent form and to read the information provided to them. The participants were asked to complete a questionnaire about their existing work habits and completed an online survey.