How to Create a Great eCommerce Website Design

Your eCommerce store should be both visually appealing and functional. It should guide customers through the buying process, increase conversions, and build trust with each visitor.

Is web design a hard skill?

For a modern ecommerce online store web design, use a clean, minimalist look with a white or black color palette. Avoid too much clutter and focus on large product images for a more impactful shopping experience.

Content: Create a clear brand voice and highlight product benefits with high-quality, engaging copy that speaks to your target audience. Be sure to include images and videos that convey your message in a compelling way, as these can increase conversions by up to 30%.

User Interface: Make it easy for shoppers to find what they need on your eCommerce site by using intuitive navigation menus, product category pages, breadcrumbs, filters, on-site search, and footers.

Checkout: It’s important to make checkout as painless as possible, which can be done by reducing the number of required fields and providing a variety of accelerated payment methods. You can also incorporate handling fees, tax, and shipping costs pre-checkout.

Customer Service: Stay in touch with your customers through a cool chat bubble, FAQs, and email signup CTA incentives to encourage them to buy from you. This will help you build trust and encourage repeat purchases.

The best ecommerce sites are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate on any device. If your online store isn’t optimized for mobile, you can expect a loss in new sales.

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