How to Make Your Own Garden Basket

garden basket

There’s something magical about lush hanging baskets brimming with flowers and foliage, swaying and billowing in the breeze. You can get a similar look on your porch with a handcrafted garden basket made from natural materials. And while a professional garden basket can cost $50 to $75, you can create your own for much less.

Start with a heavy gauge steel wire basket 18 inches in diameter or larger. It’s important to use a large basket because the plants are more fragile when they’re in a smaller container and because you need room for potting soil. Fill it with high quality potting soil, and use a liner to help retain moisture. Find out garden basket –

Mike prefers a moss liner that has been treated with fungicide, but you can find New Zealand sphagnum moss at many greenhouses. It also works well, though he doesn’t like the way it looks on his 16-inch-diameter baskets. To prevent potting soil from washing out during irrigation, use a piece of plastic in the bottom of the liner.

Organize and Harvest: Essential Tools for the Garden Basket

Hanging baskets need frequent watering, at least daily during the hottest part of summer. It’s best to water them in the morning so the plant absorbs the water through its leaves and roots without getting overwatered. Regular applications of a slow-release or liquid fertilizer such as G&B Organics Bud & Bloom or Osmocote Plant Food throughout the growing season will promote robust plant health and flowering.

Whether you’re making your own garden basket for yourself or as a gift, don’t forget to include a few special touches that will make it a hit with the recipient. A few small heirloom seeds, a little shaker of organic fertilizer (like this one that looks just like a salt shaker), or a few EarthPod compost tea bags are always appreciated.

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