Hydrangeas Yellow Leaves

hydrangeas yellow leaves

Hydrangeas’ yellow leaves are beautiful plants with lush green foliage providing a contrasting backdrop for dramatic blooms. Unfortunately, hydrangeas yellow leaves can detract from their overall aesthetic and may be an indicator of problems with the plant. Fortunately, there are several ways to nurse your hydrangeas back to their verdant glory. These include addressing soil pH imbalances, ensuring proper nutrient uptake, practicing mindful watering, guarding against pests and diseases, and mitigating environmental stress.

Golden Hydrangeas: Understanding and Addressing Leaf Yellowing Issues

Hydrangeas require a specific type of care and special growing conditions to thrive. They should not be allowed to become dry and stressed. Generally, the first sign of a problem is when the lower tier of leaves begin to turn yellow and then fall off. This is caused by lack of sunlight. Hydrangeas need ample sun to produce the large flowers that they are known for. If you find that the lower tier of your plant is turning yellow, you can solve this issue by giving the shrub more sun or placing it in a partially shaded location.

Another common reason for hydrangeas to have yellow leaves is when they are deficient in nutrients. To avoid this, you should get a soil test done for your garden in early spring. This will give you a good idea of the levels of nitrogen, iron, and magnesium in your soil. If you find that your hydrangeas have low levels of these nutrients, you can amend the soil with organic compost, chelated iron, manure, or magnesium sulfate.

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