Saving Money With Met-Ed Electric

met ed electric


As one of the state’s largest utility providers, Met Electric offers residents in its service area both delivery and supply of electricity. The company also operates a deregulated energy market which means its customers can shop for their supply of power from a variety of retail electricity suppliers. The company is committed to energy efficiency and provides a number of incentives to help its customers save money on their bills through rebates, discounts, and home improvements.


The company is working hard to prevent outages this summer with ongoing maintenance and inspections. Its crews are trimming trees around its distribution system which can help reduce the frequency and duration of outages. Currently, they are at work on projects near the intersection of Woolen Mill and New Park Road, the northeast end of New Park Road, and Stoney Lane in Gatchellville. In addition, the company is adding step transformers to its network near New Park Road and Stoney Lane to reduce voltage.

Met-Ed Electric: Providing Reliable Energy Solutions to Pennsylvania Residents

Consumers are now more aware of the ability to choose their own supplier in Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market and are taking advantage of this option. There are a number of competitive suppliers that serve Met-Ed’s customer base and offer rates below the utility default Price to Compare rate. This helps consumers significantly lower their Met-Ed electric bill without changing the way they receive electricity or any aspect of their service from their utility.

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