The Future of Live Games

A live game is a video game that offers ongoing updates to keep the game engaging for players. These updates can range from cosmetic enhancements to new maps, items, and even characters. However, the most important aspect of a live game is that it can be played over an extended period and that it allows for a deeper level of engagement. Source:

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The challenge of a live game is that it requires developers to deliver on their promises, especially those related to new content and expansions. This can be challenging, especially when a team is under tight deadlines to release updates. Additionally, the pressure to meet player expectations can lead to burnout and compromise the quality of the update.

Developers must have a deep understanding of the user lifecycle and how their users enter, engage, and exit their game. This can help them identify the best strategies for monetization and retention. They can then use tools such as monthly active users, average session length, and lifetime value to identify opportunities for improvement.

While many studios may have been quick to jump on the live service bandwagon, the success of these games is a mixed bag. The future of this model will likely be determined by how well developers are able to balance development and maintenance tasks with the need to deliver on player expectations.

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