Why Does My Baby Grab My Face?

Why does my baby grab my face is a common behavior in babies, especially infants 8 months and older. It is often an attempt to get your attention and may be triggered by something they see, hear or smell. Babies cannot express themselves verbally so they resort to other means such as touch to communicate their needs and desires. This is why it’s important to be a good communicator by cooing, smiling and interacting with your baby.


When your baby grabs your face, it is likely because they are curious about the different textures that your skin has. Aside from the skin, your face has a lot of other interesting and exciting things to explore, including creases in your nose, cheeks and lips. They are also exploring their surroundings and grabbing your face allows them to learn more about their family and caregivers.

Seeking Comfort

Depending on the situation, your baby may be grabbing your face because they are trying to seek comfort from you. They are tired or upset and want to be close to you to feel safe. This can be triggered by loud noises, nightmares or even just the fear of being alone in their crib at night. If this is the case, reassure them and offer them a soft blanket to hold on to. This will help them to relax and go back to sleep. If you notice that their grabbing is hurting you, gently guide them away and offer them a toy to hold instead.

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